F A Q :


How do I book an appointment with Hilary Walker Photography?

Use the Contact form on my website to send me a direct message or you can call/text me at 910-612-0766 to arrange a date and time. Upon booking, I require a non-refundable retainer fee to secure the appointment and signed contract.


How does payment work and do you offer payment plans? What sort of payment methods do you take?

A non-refundable retainer fee (varies based on type of event/session) is due upon booking. All remaining monies owed due upon receipt of delivery of proofs (invoice will be provided and sent for your records). I do not currently offer payment plans, but we can definitely discuss other options that may suit your budget better. As for payment method please see below:

  1. Venmo @Hilary_Walker_Photo
  2. Personal Check 
  3. Cash (In Person)
  4. All major credit cards (for online orders of prints & merchandise only)


Do you offer complimentary consultations?

Of course! It's extremely important to take the time to get to know one another! Solid relationships form solid photographs! As part of our initial consultation, I will email you a questionnaire to cover basics, including, but not limited to:

1) What outcome do you want from these photos? What message do you want these photos to convey? 

2) What insecurities do you have that you want avoided/minimized in our photo session? Likes? Dislikes? 

3) Are you willing/able to try multiple poses (some sitting, some laying, standing, kneeling, etc)? Are you able to walk up to a few miles (possibly) for on-location shoots? 

Asking these types of specific and direct questions help me gain a better understanding of your needs, wants, and abilities. This increases efficiency, effectiveness, and organization during our session--extremely important!


How long will it take to get my finished photos?

This is all dependent on the type and duration of session/event and if any extra retouching is desired. Generally speaking, a portrait session turnaround is 2-3 weeks. For weddings, I average a turnaround of 1-2 months--again dependent upon your package and how busy I am. I do provide a "sneak preview" consisting of 10-15 edited images within a week after your session. I take great pride in my work and spend a lot of time (and love) putting into your final gallery. Please  account for turnaround time when considering dates. I can provide expedited delivery if requested/needed for an additional cost. 


What if I don't like my photos? Do I get a refund or a re-shoot?

This is definitely not a FAQ but I like to include it, just in case. I've ONLY ever had ONE extremely dissatisfied customer in my ten years of professional experience and after our re-shoot, my client was 100% satisfied. If you find yourself completely hating your photos, I will gladly offer a complimentary re-shoot, but no refunds. This is why it is so important to do a thorough consultation and build a relationship with your photographer!


Do you own a studio? Where can we take our photos?

I do not own a studio, but there are places available to rent if your heart is set on studio-type imagery (let's chat to discuss). As for the later question? Well, as Buzz Lightyear would say, "To Infinity and Beyond!" Ok, maybe not outer space (unless you own a rocket) but literally, the possibilities are endless! As a recent transplant to the Triangle area, I am still familiarizing myself with the region but do have a list of favorites/popular choices. I am totally up for suggestions though! To view my list of location ideas, click here


What to wear? What to bring?

Before our shoot, we will have a consultation in which we discuss and plan wardrobe and styling. I also send a pdf containing helpful tips and advice regarding this matter. 


What is your late policy and travel fee?

I understand we all lead hectic lives and run late from time to time so I allot for a 5-30 mins late arrival time depending on the session. Since I am mainly a natural light photographer and book most sessions late afternoon (when light is best) I will have to make a judgement on calling a shoot off if arrival time affects our ability to get the amount and type of photos needed. If you are running late, I ask you please call or text me to let me know so I can plan accordingly. As for my travel fee, any travel within a 20 mile radius of Durham is included with my portrait session fee. For weddings, any travel within a 50 mile radius of Durham is included. For travel outside my radius, I charge $.56/mile and for travel outside a 2 hour radius, I require overnight accommodations. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are asked to be made within at least 48 hours of session. Session can then be rescheduled for a later date with no penalty fee. Cancellations received within 48 hours of the session will be subject to a 25% fee of total cost of services. 


What happens if weather is not conducive for our shoot?

Weather is always unpredictable in this area, so if the forecast looks iffy for our scheduled shoot day we can discuss indoor alternatives or reschedule for a later date.  As a general rule, I like to make re-arrangements/call a shoot within 24 hrs of the scheduled time if the weather looks like it will be uncooperative. 


Do you offer videography services?

I do not. Eventually, I would love to expand my business to include videography, but as for now, I strictly work with stills. I can, and would love to, help refer you to some incredible talent though!


Do you have a second shooter?

For an additional charge, I am happy to provide a highly capable and professional second shooter!


Do you offer prints and albums?

Of course! Prints and products are sold separately from my packages on my e-commerce store with access to the highest quality and top-rated labs in the country. All orders can be fulfilled through your online gallery and paid with any major credit card. Items will then ship directly to your mailing address within a couple weeks. I offer discounted bulk ordering as well. 


What types of prints and products do you have available?

I have over 200 + types of prints and merchandise available on my webstore including, but not limited to, canvas, metal prints, custom framed pieces, archival albums and matted prints, coffee mugs, coasters, tee-shirts, tote bags, etc. I am also happy to discuss and work with you on creating custom items such as hanging murals, shower curtains, tissues boxes, clocks, jewelry, you name it! 


What's the meaning behind the lightning bolt in your logo?

The lightning bolt has several meanings. 1) It is my homage to David Bowie, my creative idol and hero. 2) It represents the vibrance and energy I apply to my imagery and approach 3) It adheres to my vision statement, "To inspire, create, and document the electric moments that illuminate our lives."


Why is photography so expensive?

First and foremost, photography is a LUXURY-- not a NECESSITY (even though I deem so ;). Photographers run a legitimate business just like you or any other tax-paying, law-abiding company. We have to cover our expenses, overhead, insurance, labor fees, Uncle Sam, etc. I'm still paying off my $90,000 college education as well. The little bit that's left over each year goes to living, savings, retirement, and vacation. Trust me, I'm still rocking a 2003 Ford Windstar as my ride. Only a select handful of us are what I would consider, "wealthy," and they are definitely in the 1% category. The important lesson here is to focus on the VALUE and INVESTMENT rather than the cost. For example, the average small business owner spends close to 30 hours a month in content creation alone. That's almost an entire work week per month dedicated entirely to creating content. A skilled professional photographer, however, can come in and shoot three-four months worth of content in 3 hours. See the value now? Likewise, the average wedding costs $30,000. Ideally, your marriage will last the rest of your lifetime. Break that cost down over that timeframe, and it's less than pennies a day. 


What do you have to offer that other photographers don't?

Hilary Walker, that's what I have to offer. I may not be the cheapest or the best out there, but when you hire me, you get a lifelong friend who's eager to go above and beyond your expectations and satisfaction. 


What's the biggest piece of advice you can offer when shopping for a photographer?

I think that boils down to (2) essential criterion. Firstly, TRUST, and secondly, FRIENDSHIP.  If both are missing, you will not be successful in your photographic journey and pursuits. Think of it this way: Would you want to hang out with your photographer outside a shoot? Would you trust them to watch your kids, your pet, your house? There's your answer.